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I’m Paulette Jordan and I’m excited to announce my candidacy to represent Idaho in the U.S. Senate. Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to thousands of Idahoans throughout this great state. Above all, I’ve learned that our state needs new leadership. We need leaders who value people over politics.

In this election, the stakes have never been greater. Idahoans are fed up. People from all walks of life are frustrated with the partisan gridlock in Washington. They are hoping and calling for a leader who represents them and not the interests of the elite. I have decided to answer the call to serve and represent all of you to usher in a generation of new leadership.

We all watched as our current Senator, Jim Risch, embarrassed our state by falling asleep on the job during one of our nation’s most historic events. If Idahoans fell asleep at work, we would lose our jobs. This isn’t nap time. It’s time to get to work. Mr. Risch has spent 11 years in the Senate. We can’t afford to let him sleep away six more years.

I will work to re-engineer our government to prioritize fiscal conservatism, American prosperity and to ensure everyone has clean water to drink, adequate healthcare, and world-class, affordable education.

It is an honor to currently be serving as a national leader in several roles, including executive positions on the DNC Council on Environment and Climate Crisis and the National Indian Gaming Association, and through my continuing work on women’s issues with the National Federation of Democratic Women. Building upon the work I did in the Idaho Legislature, I have founded two non-profit organizations: Save the American Salmon and Idaho Voice.

Electing me as your next U.S. Senator would provide leadership for every Idahoan. As Senator, I will choose people over power and will truly be a representative voice for Idaho. I hope you will continue to contact me with your opinions, ideas and needs, and that you will support me in the upcoming election.


Paulette Jordan

P. Jordan

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