Congress needs Paulette Jordan

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I am urging you to vote for Paulette Jordan for U.S. Senate and break the paralysis in Washington over doing the right thing to save American lives. We are sorely in need of recovery aid and emergency lifelines but these are not coming from our elected officials in the U.S. Senate, among them Sen. Jim Risch.

They are ignoring economists like Neel Kashkari, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, who have been imploring the president and the Senate to take action to save lives.

“The quick and aggressive action taken by Congress in the spring led to a strong economy during the summer,” Kashkari explained recently on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Congress must be aggressive again in providing economic relief now for the 11 million Americans who can’t find work, can’t pay their bills, can’t put food on the table, can’t make credit card or car payments.”

Now add this tragic statistic—865,000 women have left the workforce. And according to CBS moderator Margaret Brennan, that number could reach 2 million women forced to leave their jobs over childcare issues before this is over.

But senators like Idaho’s Jim Risch are stonewalling aid for millions of desperate Americans.

I cannot watch this unsettled economy, deprivation and inhumane behavior become the norm for Americans, so I urge voters to support Paulette Jordan for the U.S. Senate from Idaho. She is a mother, a smart businesswoman and like many of us, an Idahoan deeply connected to the land on which she was raised. This is the time for sound judgment for our economic future and support for our towns and people. It is time for Paulette Jordan, capable and ready, to replace Jim Risch.

Diane PeaveyHailey

By: Diane Peavey