Fiscal Accountability

Being fiscally conservative means cutting unnecessary spending and making the right investments at the right time to make things cost less for taxpayers. For example, while interest rates are low, we need to invest in our infrastructure now before it’s too late and our roads and bridges collapse. It means working hard to balance the budget and finding ways to pay for priority projects with existing resources, not having to borrow the money down the road during a crisis, which would make taxpayers foot a much higher bill.

Here’s the problem

the debt is out of control and Senator Risch is making it worse, not better.

Here’s how I’ll lead differently on fiscal accountability:

  • We need a fiscally conservative Senator who will not just talk the talk, but will walk the walk. Our country’s next chapter of economic policy must be people-focused and fight the corporate influence that leads to government corruption. The new generation of leadership knows this.

  • I have learned a lot about economic development and responsible spending during my time as an elected leader and nationally- recognized businesswoman. I have a plan to cut spending in areas where our dollars have a low rate of return and a plan to make smart investments in places we really need it, such as infrastructure, while interest rates are low. We can make our tax dollars work for us, Idaho. I will fight to address the national debt through fiscal accountability and fiscally responsible policy.

Every penny of government spending matters. We have an obligation to spend your tax dollars wisely.

It’s simply hypocritical that our current elected leaders in Washington D.C. promote being fiscally conservative, but then sleep on the job while our national debt explodes. They voted for tax cuts that only benefit the rich and make things more expensive for the rest of us. Meanwhile, Senator Risch’s own net worth has increased by millions while he’s been in office. Do you really think he cares that you are living paycheck to paycheck? Do you really think he cares that if someone in your family gets sick that you could go into serious debt? Senator Risch’s actions speak louder than words. His votes are increasing the federal deficit, not reducing it, and unless we put a stop to this, we’ll have to hand off this monumental national debt to our children.

It’s time to call these guys to the carpet and show them what it means to actually be a fiscal conservative. 

I’ll give you an example of how Senator Risch has been asleep on the economy and is the opposite of the fiscal conservative he claims to be. In 2017, Senator Risch voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and claimed it would somehow “reduce the debt and the deficit.” Needless to say, he was wrong. The proof is everywhere: the national debt, federal deficit and government spending have continued to skyrocket.

Risch took his seat in the Senate in 2009. According to the Congressional Budget Office:

  • The national debt nearly doubled under Risch. At the end of 2008, the federal debt was $10.7 trillion dollars. At the end of January 2020, the national debt stands at $23.2 trillion dollars.
  • While Risch has been our Senator, the federal budget deficit increased to $1.0 trillion in 2020 from $98 billion at the end of 2008.
  • As a measure of gross domestic product, the budget deficit was 0.7% of GDP at the end of 2008. Today, it is an astonishing 4.6%.

It’s time to see past his rhetoric. Risch is not a fiscal conservative.