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Letter to the Editor: Voting for Paulette Jordan

By October 15, 2020 No Comments

I support Paulette Jordan for Senator.

Jordan wants to increase dialogue between Republicans and Democrats so that through civil interaction, work can be done together on bipartisan legislation.

Healthcare in our country needs improvement to become a patient centered activity instead of a profit or revenue centered big business. Paulette is committed to this change. She is aware of those not able to afford healthcare and concerned about those with pre-existing conditions or those who develop chronic illness.

As a member of the Couer d’Alene Tribe she was raised to strive for the needs of her community and to protect the earth’s priceless natural resources. We need a voice for agriculture and ranchers. Growing up on a north Idaho farm and learning from her tribal elders about land cultivation and preservation, she developed a strong connection to Idaho’s land and the people who share it. Jordan stands behind the industry and not political trade disputes which hurt Idaho economically.

She is for protecting public lands and promoting clean energy.

She has called for improving public schools. Idaho ranks at the bottom in the United States for equitable distribution of funding.

Paulette Jordan intends a complete shift to policymaking that puts citizens first. She has a proven track record in the legislature of working across the aisle to achieve solutions in difficult, tense, hyper-political situations.

Please consider voting for Paulette Jordan.

Cathy Call


By: Cathy Call