Letter to the Editor

Is that too much to ask?

By July 20, 2020 July 21st, 2020 No Comments

Commander-in-Chief Trump has declared himself to be a “wartime President” which qualifies as one of the few true statements he has made in the last 4 years. Unfortunately for all of us, declaring yourself to be a “wartime President” does not endow you with the intellect or expertise to behave like one any more than declaring yourself to be a Martian makes you a citizen of that planet.

Perhaps his antipathy for reading has deprived him of learning how other wartime presidents behaved and carried out their obligation to protect and care for their citizens. That has also deprived us of any semblance of competent leadership and has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

We are engaged in a battle with an invisible enemy that will change the nature of our country for years to come. This battle will require strong, intelligent leadership and commitment and sacrifice from all of our citizens. In the midst of this battle the President has gone AWOL and the enemy is winning.

Rather than invoking the Defense Production Act so our front line troops – doctors, nurses, first responders and caregivers – can have the necessary PPE to safely carry out their life saving activities, the wartime President is obsessed with vandals spray painting statues of traitors and safeguarding the confederate flag of those traitors. Selling beans from his oval office desk is a higher priority than providing adequate testing.

Rather than developing a well organized and aggressive plan to combat the Coronavirus, the wartime President has left it to the Governors and Mayors to figure out their individual game plans. That has resulted in a few success stories, quite a few disasters and much chaos. It has also allowed the wartime President to duck any responsibility and has laid bare his abject cowardice.

Those states and countries which addressed the pandemic early and aggressively have now mastered the virus and are safely reopening and safely sending kids back to school. On this date Italy reported 162 new cases, Japan 366 new cases, New York 912 cases, United States 61,834 – the world leader. Our wartime President is responding by ordering that the statistical evidence of his failures now be routed to the NIH and White House where that evidence can be buried rather than to the CDC where it is visible to everyone.

Distressingly our own Senators Risch and Crapo have remained silent and complicit in this destructive charade. They, and too many of their Republican colleagues, have morphed into what can rightly be called anatomical miracles – the only mammals able to walk upright without benefit of a spine.

If we are to prevail in this war we’ll have to accept some inconvenience and disruption in our normal activities and work together for the common good. Masks, social distancing and hygiene are proven to work. Is that too much to ask of everyone in order to defeat this virus?

Roy Miller,