People-First Policymaking

When you think about our elected officials in Washington D.C., do you feel they care about you? When is the last time they worked to help you? Do they work to make sure you have quality healthcare, or that your children will have a clean world to live in? Do they work to ensure your children won’t be saddled with student debt or the ever-growing national debt?

Here’s the problem:

they don’t care about people.

There are many things we all want and we aren’t getting because our senator is asleep, rather than looking for solutions.

  • We all want a better economy with jobs where we can earn a good living. 
  • We all want our elderly and our veterans to be respected and have quality healthcare.
  • We all want our children to have access to a world-class education so that they can get good-quality jobs. 
  • We all want to have our individual, God-given rights honored and protected.
  • We all want to ensure the protection of our land and environment for future generations to come.

Our current senator spends more time thinking about how to please Russia than he does about the needs of Idahoans, which continue to be ignored! The fact is, the policies that Senator Risch is bringing forward don’t help you at all. They don’t put people first. They cut taxes and expenses for the rich. They cripple Idaho farming industries and export our jobs to foreign countries. The four rich white men in Congress representing Idaho have completely forgotten what it’s like to be a hard-working Idahoan struggling to get by. And they simply don’t care that their choices, their votes, are making it worse for the people of our state.

We need a leader who thinks differently and who gets things done. When I talk about people-first policymaking, what I mean is that we need a complete shift to creating policy for the people. Our focus should not be on budget proposals that explode the federal deficit.

We need to focus on people first. We need policy which focuses on the reasons our government was created: to create a society where we have safe roads, infrastructure, transportation, commerce, industry, energy and protection of our natural resources.

Washington is broken. Until we have a complete shift to policymaking that puts people first, we will get nowhere. I have a proven track record of working across the aisle to achieve solutions in difficult, tense and hyper-political situations. You can count on me to make this shift to people-first policymaking and guide our government back to representing us.

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