Our Health

Our voices are not being heard on healthcare. Idaho's residents are crippled by the cost of medications. When a health issue strikes, it creates debilitating stress. We Google the symptoms on WebMD because we are afraid of the costs (never a great idea!). We don’t always know if we can find quality care, and even if we do, we don’t know if we will get well. We don’t have any idea how much it’ll cost or if we can even pay for it. We risk losing our jobs because we have to miss work. Then, we often stand to lose the health insurance we had through our employers.

Here’s the problem:

our healthcare system cannot be fixed. It must be completely rebuilt.

The notion that Americans want to choose their healthcare plans for themselves is wrong. They just want the best healthcare. They want to get well. And they hope they won’t go bankrupt in the process.

For nearly two decades, policymakers have ignored this fundamental problem. In 2001, the Institute of Medicine concluded that America’s healthcare system was so fragmented it could not be fixed incrementally. It must be re-designed from the ground up. Obamacare failed to do that.

Our people-last healthcare policy fails to prioritize, or even measure, effectiveness of patient care. Instead, our policy and system incentivizes an unchecked level of profit for pharmaceutical and private insurance companies through clinical ineffectiveness, human suffering and financial waste.

A shift to people-first healthcare policy means entirely rebuilding our healthcare system and shifting the financial rewards to patient well-being and effectiveness of treatment.

Many people, including policymakers, think that American healthcare already works this way – BUT IT DOESN’T. Not at all.

Here’s how I’ll lead differently on healthcare:

  • We need a healthcare system which puts data on the center stage of the effort. We need to incentivize practices, procedures and medications that work. This is how we achieve the savings.  This is how we tackle the burden of chronic disease. This is how we make healthcare a patient centered activity instead of a profit or revenue centered activity.

  • We need to prioritize our people’s health over the profits of pharmaceutical companies. The great news is I have a plan to lead the way. We must create new frameworks to measure the effectiveness of treatment options and cost-effectiveness. Most importantly, we must amend our payment apparatus to reward effectiveness over profit.

As your Senator, I will help create the strategic path toward transformation of our healthcare system.
  • If a new data framework is fully implemented, we stand to save between $1 – $2 trillion. This is a critical step toward bringing our nation to firm fiscal footing. Until we shift the focus of healthcare policy and entirely reconstruct the system, all attempts to legislate meaningful change will prove deficient. 

  • I’m fortunate to have some of the most intelligent healthcare experts in the nation working with me to make this lasting change. I hope to lead that effort for all Idahoans.