Jim Risch, the absent senator

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When I read Stephen Hartgen’s opinion piece in these pages on Aug. 23, I felt deeply sorry for Twin Falls, since he apparently doesn’t know anything about public service or what it entails.

I was a little surprised that his piece calling me “Paulette what’s-her-name” was even published, considering we served together in the Idaho House of Representatives for four years. Unfortunately, that’s politics.

It’s a real shame for his district in Twin Falls, considering residents here should expect that their public servants are working across the aisle and with their colleagues to pass meaningful legislation. They should at least know every representative’s name to be effective, which Rep. Hartgen sadly isn’t.

But Mr. Hartgen made clear in his piece one glaring thing: He doesn’t believe effectiveness is an attribute our public servants need. I disagree. And that’s why I’m running.

Mr. Hartgen’s piece, as far as I can discern, made two points: 1. That my opponent, Sen. Jim Risch, speaks privately to the president and doesn’t disclose it and 2. That he doesn’t like talking to the media.

In other words, Jim Risch is hiding from the state, dodging hard subjects and avoiding tough questions because all he wants is to be re-elected. If he doesn’t want to do the work, he should retire. But it’s worse than that.

What I read from the piece is that Jim Risch refuses to stand up for what is right, couldn’t rock the boat if he put all of his weight into it, and never does anything at all.

What is he talking to President Donald Trump about? How he’ll support whatever lies the president tells about the spread of COVID-19 to protect him instead of Idahoans?

Does our senator know how to fight for Idaho? He doesn’t seem to know how to pass legislation. He’s passed two bills in 11 years in the Senate. TWO. In 11 years. I don’t know who Hartgen’s talking to, but this race is far from over, and I see Jim Risch running scared trying hard to cover the sleepy job he’s done for Idaho.

The junior senator has been in government since 1972. How is it possible someone can have served in government longer than I’ve even been alive and still be that ineffective? He’s taking Idaho voters for granted, and he’s taking them for a ride. It’s time for new leadership that cares about this country and our state.

Stop trying to protect this feckless senator, Stephen what’s-your-name. Idaho deserves better.

Democrat Paulette Jordan is running for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Jim Risch.

Written By: Paulette Jordan

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