LETTER: Deserve leaders who will fight for us; vote for Jordan

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The U.S Postal service is the lifeblood of countless rural communities around the country. The recently- appointed Trump postmaster general has removed more than 500 mail sorting machines and has removed hundreds of dropoff mail boxes around the country.

This, in an obvious effort to slow down and impede delivery of mail ballots in the upcoming Nov. 3 election, created an outrage throughout the country.  As a proud Idahoan, Paulette Jordan, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Jim Risch, has seen how devastating delays in mail delivery and pick-up can be on our communities.

“Vital medication not coming on time. Paychecks and rent checks delayed for weeks. This is all happening right now,” Jordan says.  But Republicans in the Senate are refusing to work with the House to help Americans who are suffering from the pandemic, she says.

‘From cities to farms to suburbs to reservations, these USPS delays are hurting Americans across the nation. We deserve better leadership during this time of crisis.  I’ve fought for Idahoans my entire career, and I’m running for Senate to stand up for the needs of everyday Americans and to bring real leadership to Congress.”

We all deserve leaders who will fight for us. And we know that Risch — who takes all his signals from Trump –will not. So, vote for Paulette Jordan for U.S. Senate in the upcoming Nov. 3 election. The time is now to register and request your mail-in ballot.

James W. Ramsey


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