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Paulette Jordan Announces Scotchman Peak Protection A High Priority When She Wins U.S. Senate Seat in Idaho

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PLUMMER, IDAHO — Paulette Jordan, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Idaho today announced one of her top priorities once elected will be the protection of Scotchman Peak under the National Wilderness System.

“One of my first legislative initiatives in the U.S. Senate will be the introduction of the Scotchman Peak Wilderness Area Act,” Jordan said. “This magnificent area in northern Idaho deserves statutory protection as Wilderness. It has been studied and studied. There has been significant public discourse. There is broad consensus across Idaho that Scotchman Peak should be protected. It is time to act.”

“I look forward to working with Senator Tester (D-MT) on this important piece of legislation that crosses both our borders,” Jordan said. “I have hiked and explored the Scotchman Peak area many times and have developed a deep respect for this diverse and beautiful land. I know what a treasure it is for Idaho and our country.”

“Scotchman Peak is essentially managed as de facto Wilderness by the U.S. Forest Service and has been since the implementation of the 1987 Land Management Plan. By taking legislative action we will make certain it is protected by law for future generations,” Jordan continued. “I plan to hold hearings on my legislation so that Idahoans from throughout the state can testify on this long overdue proposal,” said Jordan.

“Unfortunately, Senator Risch recoiled on his promise to protect Scotchman Peak and for no good reason. I expect to enter the U.S. Senate in the majority and I can quickly move to make the Scotchman Peak Wilderness a reality,” said Jordan.

“Senator Risch is a career politician and in his 44 years has produced only marginal benefit to Idaho. It is apparent that Senator Risch has been in Washington too long. He’s lost his enthusiasm to work on local issues that matter to Idahoans, instead choosing the position of chief enabler to President Trump. Risch has sacrificed any semblance of independence and in the process has become a danger to our democracy by neglecting his congressional oversight responsibilities under the Constitution. Risch has had his time and now it’s time for new leadership that will serve the best interest of our people and the land we belong to,” said Jordan.


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