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Paulette Jordan Blasts Jim Risch for False Assertions in Senator’s New Ad

By October 30, 2020 No Comments

BOISE, IDAHO — U.S. Senate nominee Paulette Jordan is raising questions about two eyebrow-raising claims in Senator Jim Risch’s new TV ad:

  1. He “fought for economic assistance for Idaho families.”
  2. He wants to make sure “a pandemic like this never reaches America again.” 

Addressing Risch’s outrageous attempt to cover up his own extraordinary failure to address the current pandemic, Jordan said: 

“Senator Risch had a chance to make sure this pandemic didn’t hit America. He’s been chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee all year, and he was briefed on the coronavirus on January 27. He had a chance to stop this one, and he blew it. He lost his chance to try to secure us from another one.”

Addressing Risch’s misleading claims about economic assistance, Jordan said:

“There’s an economic relief bill languishing in the Senate right now. Risch hasn’t lifted a finger to push it, and he certainly couldn’t be accused of fighting for anything. Meanwhile, he was champing at the bit to ram through the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, even as the majority of Americans believed that nomination shouldn’t have been made before the election. His priorities are completely out of whack.” 


Paulette Jordan’s message is “People First Policy,” emphasizing health care, economic recovery, stewardship of land, and increased federal fiscal discipline and accountability.  She is endorsed by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Idaho Statesman and EMILY’s List. More information about Jordan’s campaign for the U.S. Senate can be found at her website