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Paulette Jordan Condemns Nomination of Sworn Enemy of Public Lands as Director of Bureau of Land Management

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WORLEY, IDAHO — Paulette Jordan, Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Idaho, today condemned President Trump’s nomination of William Pendley to serve as director of the Bureau of Land Management.

“Senator Risch is in a tough spot,” said Jordan. “Trump allies, like Risch, in the Senate will lose all credibility with the conservation community and public land advocates if they vote to confirm Pendley.”

“William Pendley is an avowed enemy of public lands and advocates their sale and privatization. A pure personification of the Sagebrush Rebellion, this man is a climate change denier and a disciple of former Interior Secretary James Watt and the Mountain States Legal Foundation. He’s spent his career fighting to sell off public lands. Only the highest bidders stand to benefit. Corporations that would sell off the soul of our public lands, taking them straight out of the hands of our children,” said Jordan.

“Let’s be clear, I would never vote to confirm Pendley. As a defender of the West and a protector of public lands, I am fully against Trump’s nomination of a sworn enemy to public lands,” said Jordan.

“This land is our heritage. It’s what defines us,” said Jordan. “Risch should do everything in his power to make sure the Pendley nomination is defeated. Silence is not an option and an “aye” vote to confirm Pendley is a signal to all Idahoans as stakeholders of public lands that Jim Risch will vote against Idaho values in order to gain a little political capital with the White House.”

“I see the nomination of William Pendley as director of the Bureau of Land Management as a defining issue in this U.S. Senate race. My opposition is clear. Senator Risch should disclose his position immediately,” Jordan concluded.


Autumn Monteau
Communications Team

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