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Paulette Jordan Issues Statement Condemning Disinformation Campaign

By September 2, 2020 September 17th, 2020 No Comments

BOISE, IDAHO — In response to the incorrect and dangerous conspiracy theory — that resurfaced this week and is circulating on Idaho-based social media pages claiming that a group of people deplaned recently in Boise with the intent to attack neighborhoods, U.S. Senate nominee Paulette Jordan issued the following statement:

“We must end the spread of disinformation. It’s not fair to any Idahoan. We need to take care of our neighbors and tone down this reckless rhetoric that has no basis in fact. This is not who we are in Idaho. Scaring Idahoans about events that are not going to happen causes undue division and should be stopped.”

Paulette Jordan’s message is “People First Policy,” emphasizing health care, economic recovery, stewardship of land, and increased federal fiscal discipline and accountability. More information about Jordan’s campaign for the U.S. Senate can be found at her website