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Paulette Jordan Proclaims Romney Passes Leadership Test While Risch Fails Miserably

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WORLEY, IDAHO — Paulette Jordan, Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Idaho today applauded the independence and leadership of Utah U.S. Senator Mitt Romney and decried the blind obedience of her opponent U.S. Senator Jim Risch.

“Jim Risch fails to serve Idahoans in so many ways, but the most egregious failures are those in the areas of moral leadership, integrity and independence. Senator Romney has the courage of his convictions. Risch follows from the rear to feather his own nest and continue his run as a career politician,” Jordan said.

“Idahoans are accustomed to seeing independence in their elected officials. Leaders like Frank Church, Cecil Andrus and Phil Batt have all exhibited strong Idaho values in the face of party orthodoxy. It’s a shame Idahoans have to look out of state to see examples of what moral leadership and independence look like,” Jordan said.

Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator that voted to convict President Trump of abuse of power in impeachment proceedings and he is also one of few Senate Republicans regularly willing to speak candidly when he disagrees with the Executive. In May 2020 Senator Romney blasted Trump’s serial firing of government watchdogs. Romney said, “Doing so without good cause chills the independence essential to their purpose. It is a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power.” Senator Romney is now co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation aimed at protecting and maintaining the independence of inspectors general.

“Jim Risch doesn’t have an ounce of the independence displayed by Mitt Romney. Acting as a sheep rather than an independent leader, Risch shows he is focused only on himself and extending his career politician longevity to 50+ years,” said Jordan.

“Senator Risch thinks he works for the White House rather than the people of Idaho. He has been either asleep or consciously silent through the impeachment hearings, through Trump’s COVID-19 response, through the ousting of several inspectors general, through Trump’s politicized use of federal security forces against BLM protestors, through Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s refusal to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and all this within the span of the past six months. Risch is showing us his hand. He’s essentially dubbed himself chief enabler to the White House,” said Jordan.

“It is apparent that Jim Risch has been in Washington too long. He’s sacrificed any semblance of independence and neglects his congressional oversight responsibilities under the Constitution by failing to question any actions of the executive branch,” said Jordan.

“Risch has had his time, 11 years in the Senate and he still has no legacy to stand on. Now it’s time for new leadership that will serve the interests of the people first. I am the only candidate of moral leadership and independence,” Jordan concluded.

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