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Paulette Jordan’s Campaign for U.S. Senate Endorsed by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

PLUMMER, IDAHO — Paulette Jordan’s campaign for U.S. Senate received a tremendous boost with an endorsement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Chair of the DSCC, issued the following statement: “Paulette Jordan is an inspirational leader dedicated to serving her community and her state. She is not afraid to take on the tough fights, which is how she unseated a Republican incumbent to represent her community in the Idaho state legislature. In Washington, Paulette will stand up to the special interests, protect our public lands and our environment for generations to come, and expand access to high quality and affordable health care for Idahoans. We’re proud to support Paulette in her campaign to become Idaho’s first female U.S. Senator and the country’s first Native American U.S. Senator.”

Paulette Jordan states, “I want to thank the DSCC and particularly Chair Senator Catherine Cortez Masto – the first Latina and the first woman from Nevada ever elected to the U.S. Senate – for this major endorsement. This endorsement signals to my opponent and his wealthy special interest groups that our grassroots movement to put this country back on track by prioritizing people over politics is a winning solution come November.”

Paulette Jordan (40), a Native American woman, born and raised on her family farm in Idaho, a mother of two boys, a tribal leader from a young age, an experienced legislator, and a nationally-recognized businesswoman is taking on incumbent Jim Risch, a 77-year old, complacent career politician who is best known for enriching himself during his tenure and falling asleep during the Impeachment hearings.

Paulette Jordan has proven her electability and broad appeal. In 2014, she took on an established Republican in her state legislative district and won. In 2016, in spite of Trump carrying that district by 25 points, she still won reelection handily. Though in the past Idaho was known a “safe red state,” over 35% of voters identify as unaffiliated. In June’s 2020 U.S. Senate primary, Jordan made history in breaking Senator Frank Church’s record for most votes cast for Democratic candidate in a statewide election.

“The Democratic Party is rallying support behind Idaho for several reasons,” said Jordan. “Idaho has shown signs of shifting to center and is a state where Senate races like mine are not bogged down by the campaign finance trends of the rest of the country. Idaho Republicans are fighting amongst themselves in a civil war which has alienated independent and moderate GOP voters. Finally, Idahoans hunger for the quality of independence in their elected leadership and that is certainly not what they’re seeing in Jim Risch who regularly votes against Idaho’s interest if it serves him politically or personally. Risch has had his time in the Senate and his only legacy is complacency in supporting policies that set back Idaho farmers, our economy, our public health, and our planet’s well-being.”

Jordan’s message is “People First Policy,” emphasizing health care, economic recovery, stewardship of land, and increased federal fiscal discipline and accountability. More information about Jordan’s campaign for U.S. Senate can be found at her website

Contact: Autumn Monteau
Communications Team

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