Letter to the Editor

Remember them on election day.

By July 16, 2020 July 20th, 2020 No Comments


When Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone’s jail sentence, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah was the only Republican Senator to raise a voice. How long can these people stand by their man? Even Trump’s Supreme Court appointees can see where the smart money is. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh’s recent votes were an attempt to achieve some post-Trump legitimacy. Trump casinos, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Water, Trump Airlines, Trump University, The Trump Foundation etc. must have left some human wreckage in the fast lane when they failed, but Trump was never one of them. But the Trump Presidency’s failure will be forever welded to those who enabled him. Trump has no reputation to uphold. He was a well known bunko artist when he applied for the job. But the pre-Trump honorable reputations of these public servants will burn in the dumpster fire of this Presidency. Rarely does a Senator from Idaho make the national news. Sponsoring bills that benefit potato farmers is not that exciting. But our own Senator James Risch went from relative national obscurity to being “That Senator who slept through the impeachment trial”. OK, nobody saw Covid coming then, but when it became apparent that Trump was going to try to lie and ignore this monster away, someone should have stepped up to say “Ok the joke’s over. We need to get ahead of this.” Still they hang on. What is the lowest point before these people put the lives and security of the American people ahead of their desperate desire to retain power? Please remember them on election day.

By Bob Madsen

Lava Hot Springs