Travis Wilkinson: Why I’m Volunteering

By July 1, 2020 August 5th, 2020 No Comments

As a student studying Sustainable Communities and Economies, I have come to understand how corporations influence nearly every facet of our lives. With past elections raising suspicions of foreign influence, we need honest leaders who are transparent about their donors now more than ever. I have decided to volunteer with Paulette Jordan’s campaign for U.S. Senate, because I believe she is a leader of integrity and virtue.

I care about American democracy and it is crucial for me that Paulette is running a grassroots campaign. One of Paulette’s strengths lies in her refusal to take corporate money. Congress is currently a pit for corruption and that needs to change. In a recent article, the Atlantic found that for every dollar the public spends lobbying, corporations spend 34 times that amount. In 2018, that came out to a total of $3.8 billion spent by corporations on lobbying. With that kind of money these powerful businesses are able to dominate policy-making. It’s no wonder then that about half of all senators later go on to become lobbyists.

Jim Risch is part of the problem — he lets corporate greed dictate legislation that hurts the people and our environment. Paulette has proven through years of leadership experience that she values public opinion and takes the time to listen to us. She recently held a Blaine County town hall as my community was experiencing the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She recognizes that community leaders are their own best advocates toward any tactful COVID-19 response. The current pandemic has made it clear that we need new leadership like Paulette’s in Congress. Leaders who will listen to the people and refuse corporate bribes.  Leaders who will protect American democracy and fight for a better future. I urge everyone to vote and do our part to see that Paulette Jordan makes it to the U.S. Senate for a better Idaho.