Letter to the Editor

We Need Fresh Air

By September 2, 2020 September 4th, 2020 No Comments

The Trump/DeJoy U.S. Postal Service scandal is under appropriate scrutiny. But the Great Barrier Reef of McConnell’s Senate obstructionism is still holding. But cracks are appearing. Senate races in many states with formerly secure GOP seats appear to be more in doubt.

Could there be a Lake Missoula style event in the U.S. Senate this fall? Could we see a rise in pressure to flush out McConnell and his minions that have been enabling Trump for years? There are 23 GOP senators up for reelection that voted to acquit this president. Some of whom actually napped during that sham. Those senators need to have a moment of judgment.

Could we finally see consequences for this unconscionable act? Couple the fiasco that was that Senate trial with the complete lack of action on the continuing disaster that is the economic and social effects of the pandemic and we could have some significant fallout.Isn’t it time that McConnell and his sycophants were flushed out and replaced with fresh water?

The atmosphere in that chamber also needs a new air freshener. That new scent could be called “Progress.”

Idaho can do better. We need fresh air. We need Paulette Jordan. Vote Nov. 3.

Gil Beyer